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  • Work For Plutus

    Help us bring digital assets to everyday people. 100% remote work ANYWHERE in the world. Get paid in bitcoin.

    These are REMOTE POSITIONS. Feel free to work anywhere in the world.

    Ready to take your place building the future of digital assets? Are you passionate about the blockchain and the sweeping changes it is creating across the world? Do you store some of your wealth in digital assets? Do you believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets are beginning to facilitate a great wealth transfer?

    The Financial Crisis of 2008 changed everything. Wealth around the world was decimated. The US government stole money from Main St. to give to Wall St. Governments have not stopped their reckless spending at the expense of its citizens. Central banks keep printing money, eroding purchasing power. The war on cash has just begun.

    We believe these actions are causing consumers, businesses, and investment firms to seek a new asset class to invest and protect their wealth. The emergence of blockchain technology has created a movement to shift power back to the people to manage their own assets, with no banks, no brokers, or institutional oversight. We created Plutus for these visionaries, those who want to depart the legacy financial system to protect and create wealth for future generations.

  • Community Support Engineer

    • Help Plutus customers feel comfortable & learn about digital assets…

    Job Description
    Plutus provides 24/7 customer support. These positions will be filled by people spread across all time zones. We have both full-time and part-time positions open.

    Do you like managing your own digital assets? Do you consider yourself a pro user and never ask for help? Do you enjoy problem solving by reading and searching for answers? Do you enjoy helping others and teaching your friends about the blockchain?

    Plutus receives hundreds of emails, phone calls and chat messages daily from customers learning about digital assets. As an Plutus Community Support Engineer you will connect with customers through email and our live Slack chatroom. Additional bonuses are given to Community Support Engineers who handle live support calls.

    What You Will Do

    • Answer inbound email to assist users navigate the intricacies of managing digital assets.

    • Create and maintain support articles in our Knowledge Base to explain common customer questions.

    • Create above-and-beyond customer service experiences that surprise and delight.

    • Facilitate discussion and respond to customers in our live Slack channel.

    • Use problem-solving abilities to track down unique customer problems in an attempt to simulate problems in-house to share with the development team.

    • Provide written feedback and examples to the development team detailing reproducible customer problems along with desired outcomes.

    • Organize and document user problems into prioritized categories.

    • Organize and gather feedback from community and our beta group that tests early-release builds.

    Who You Are

    • You have amazing written English skills including proper grammar and punctuation.

    • You live life feeling grateful and have the ability to sympathize with customers on even the simplest of problems.

    • You understand the basics of how digital assets work including security, confirmations, block times, network fees, etc.

    • You are able to creatively problem solve and help users find the source of a number of problems - even if these problems are general computer problems outside of the Plutus application.

    • You carry a high sense of urgency with customer empathy.

    • You are energetic and cheerful.

    • You know how to craft properly formatted creative template responses with unique events and personality sprinkled in.

    • You can figure out how to connect with individuals on an emotional level.

    • You have excellent references and a history of trust and established relationships in former careers.

    Salary and Payment
    Plutus Community Support Engineers make between 20k - 60k+ USD. All salaries are paid in Bitcoin. Below are general qualifications for each pay tier.

    20k : You are passionate and excited to learn but young and new to customer blockchain support. You likely understand the basics of blockchain assets but have never had a customer support position.

    40k : You have impressive written English and grammar abilities and have done customer support in the past. You know how to connect with users on an emotional level. You are knowledgeable about blockchain assets and have extensive leadership and problem solving abilities. You are self-driven and suggest and implement new ways to optimize the business and individual processes.

    60k : Tenured customer support wizard both on the phone, in person and through email and live chat. You know every aspect of blockchain assets, security, digital assets and can explain complicated concepts easily. You also have leadership abilities and can optimize the current customer service experience and produce measurable improvement. It is likely you understand basic programming + HTML/CSS and can create your own self-help support documents. You also help, educate and motivate other team members. Candidates in this role are typically moved to leadership roles and management positions.

    How To Apply

    1. Fill out your answers to our Plutus Customer Support Engineer Test
    2. Send an email that contains your completed Plutus Customer Support Engineer Test along with a few words on why you will be a good fit ( highlighting any of the above items that resonate with you and your abilities ) to with the "Careers | Story Teller" in the subjet line
  • Story Teller

    You know how every group of friends has that one person who serves as the glue that holds everyone together? Every marketing team needs glue, too. Reflective, analytical, strong, strategic Gorilla Glue.

    Marketing operations professionals are charged with monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives as they relate to the overall company's goals. Marketing operations staff work closely with sales teams, and sometimes also have a sales operations counterpart. Together, they manage the relationship between marketing and sales to ensure that both sides are optimized to deliver (marketing's role) and work (sales' role) the highest quality leads, something we at HubSpot have grown fond of calling "smarketing." Marketing operations staff make projections about the quality of the sales and marketing pipeline and spot efficiencies that will make the company work better as a whole.

    Job Description:
    As a marketing operations manager, you will work to create scalable processes that ensure best practices in lead generation and database management. You will also conduct complex data analyses that will be used to inform strategic decisions by stakeholders from across the company. You will be working in a fast-paced environment managing multiple projects at once.


    • Manage technical aspects of key marketing systems (marketing automation, CRM) used to generate, distribute, and report on leads.
    • Establish and maintain scalable processes that ensure best practices in campaign and lead management.
    • Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities, effectiveness, and business impact.
    • Analyze marketing and sales data to develop insights and make recommendations on areas for optimization.
    • Monitor and maintain data quality within the marketing database.
    • Evaluate new technologies and add-on applications to improve and optimize marketing team performance.


    • BA/BS or equivalent working experience.
    • Strong analytical skills (including mastery of Microsoft Excel) and experience with reporting and data analysis.
    • Proficiency in marketing automation systems (like HubSpot) and integrating those systems with other technologies.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time in a fast-paced environment.
    • Technically capable, excellent communicator, and a desire to improve processes.
    Salary and Payment:
    Plutus Story Teller have make between 20k - 120k USD. All salaries are paid in Plutuscoin. Below are general qualifications for each pay tier.

    20k : You are passionate and excited to began talking about the product's and service's we provide. You have produced an annual investment sum of over 250k

    60k : You have produced an investment sum into the portfolio of over $5 Million USD

    120k : You have produced an investment sum into the portfolio of over $10 Million USD

    How To Apply

    1. Fill out your answers to our Plutus Storytellers
    2. Send an email that contains your completed Plutus Story Teller along with a few words on why you will be a good fit ( highlighting any of the above items that resonate with you and your abilities ) to with the "Careers | Story Teller" in the subjet line
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Trader

    Executes profitable trading and market-making of foreign exchange products. Responsible for pricing customers and market counterparties and successfully managing and covering the resulting risk (or supporting the pricing and risk management of customer transactions, in the case of the analyst/associate role). Responsible for providing analyses of market conditions, including foreign and domestic economic and political events, market trends and developments. Contributes to the safety and profitability of the business by ensuring compliance with established procedures and regulations.

    • Sustain profitability and growth of unit(s).
    • Provide strategic direction and leadership to pursue objectives of unit(s).
    • Create and maintain cost-effective programs for unit(s).
    • Actively ensure compliance with all US Bancorp policies and procedures such as Code of Ethics and all Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy
    • Act, information security and suspicious activity reporting requirements, etc.
    • Decisions are made in conjunction with major corporation programs, plans or strategies.
    • Independent action is normally required although other division or senior managers are usually consulted before final action is taken.
    • Probable errors would have a material effect on major functions of the corporation.


    Primary Location

    CA-CA-San Fransisco


    3rd - Overnight

    Average Hours Per Week


    • 8+ years of banking experience.
    • 3+ years of management experience.
    • BA/MBA in finance, accounting, or other related field.
    • Well-developed leadership abilities and strategic management skills.
    • Knowledge of unit(s) and relation to industry.
    • Well-developed verbal and written communication skills.
    • Well-developed analytical, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
    • Considerable tact, diplomacy and people skills.